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Gain access to a tribe of founders who are committed to growth, just like you. Learn from our world-renowned experts, gain helpful resources and insights, build a solid community of accountability and trust, and be connected to influential leaders who move the needle.

Mastermind Cohorts

For Female Founders Committed to Growth & Accountability

The cohort program includes an educational experience tailored to your needs, virtual and in-person strategy roundtables, accountability partner pairing, access to funding opportunities and targeted resource-sharing to scale your business. We take a founder-focused approach to support YOU first, then your business. If you have a co-founder, you will need to apply and interview separately. Co-founders applying at the same time will be placed in different cohorts.


For Seasoned Female Founders

This invitation-only offering was designed for founders who have completed a minimum of one Fyli Cohort Program. This includes masterclasses, Fyli cohort-specific events, speaking opportunities, and access to our team for quarterly
office hours.

8 Reasons to Join

A Mastermind Cohort


Structured curriculum to help growth-hack your business


Bi-monthly accountability pairing to crush your short-term goals


Introductions to investors


Access to a network of start-up resources


Exclusive invites to highly curated events with thought-leaders, investors & prospective partners.


Media support to a network of 2M+ Fyli fans


Authentic, accelerated community development


Feeling truly supported personally and professionally

What people think of our community

“While I’ve had a number of incredible supervisors and colleagues, I can’t say that I’ve had a mentor to go to for advice when navigating my career. That’s why being a member with FYLI has been a lifeline. The support that I’ve received from the tribe has restored my confidence and motivated me to reach for my goals. It’s also rewarding to share my perspective and expertise with this group of change makers.”

Azia Celestino

Award-winning Anchor at Cheddar Inc.

“Being a part of a master-mind cohort has improved how I think and approached developing my company. It’s given me the confidence I needed to launch my start up, and helped me connect with creators who will become future users of my platform. The learning has been invaluable, getting to hear from other women who have done it before has really helped me on my own journey.”

Nacera Belal

COO & Co-Founder at Landng

“The value I’ve gotten from Fyli is incredible. I’ve grown so much personally, but my network has grown 4x and I’ve gained wonderful life-long friendships. It’s so energizing and inspiring to be a part of a cohort and I can’t wait to see us all grow and journey together. It’s happening in real time and I can see and feel the benefit.”

Carolyn Li

Founder & CEO of Li Organics

“Fyli is in a league of its own in its ability to truly provide, foster and create an abundant network of support that embodies the best of those ideals. I am a member of different “clubs” or affinity groups, and they’ve all left me wanting for a sincere connection, for a sense of deep trust and authenticity. FYLI, and its incredible founders Summer and Jax have done what many have failed to do- created a consistent, reliable, heart expanding tribe that serves as the greatest accountability and opportunity creation community I’m a part of.”

Janett Liriano


“I’m really excited about Fyli, because they’ve been instrumental in helping us form a relationship with our tech platform, brokering that deal, and building our confidence to ask and negotiate our worth. It’s been super awesome to have this community of women who are supportive of each other.”

Jennifer Charlot

Co-Founder of RevX

“Fyli has been an instrumental part of my journey from idea to Founder — I truly can’t imagine launching a business without having a supportive & empowering mastermind community!”

Katie Fink

CEO & Founder of Mind Body Soul Market