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Level Up?

Gain access to a tribe of founders who are committed to growth, just like you. Learn from our world-renowned experts, gain helpful resources and insights, build a solid community of accountability and trust, and be connected to influential leaders who move the needle.

Mastermind Cohorts

For Founders Committed to Growth & Accountability

For the highly ambitious, passionate, growth-oriented founder ready to make a commitment to their goals and dreams. This is a year-long commitment minimum. The cohort focuses on educational programming tailored to your needs, accountability pairing (personally and professionally), and leveling up to make breakthroughs in your life.

Fyli Tribe

For Early Stage Leaders

For the new founder building your business, or gearing up to make that leap into entrepreneurship. We have created a virtual community that renews monthly so you feel supported and educated along the way. Interact with like-minded individuals who can contribute new ideas, perspectives, and networks to your business.

5 Reasons

to join a mastermind cohort


Are you always the “leader”? Who is inspiring you? Fyli master-mind has an application and vetting process as a way to ensure quality – each member brings a certain level of knowledge and expertise to the table. This community will not only be there to support you professionally in your career but also personally. You will have a community that supports you, offers advice and new perspectives, and feels like family.


You are forced to think bigger and take ACTION on your ideas. Once you speak them out loud, every member within the group holds you responsible for bringing them to life and supports you along the way. Mastermind members want to see each other succeed and achieve their unique goals and values.


You will never feel like a solo founder, even if you are one. A mastermind group helps you form a new level of confidence because you now have the structure and network of resources needed to get to your next level of “success”- however you define it. Each member acts as an “advisor” to each other – you will have a team surrounding you anytime you need to make a tough decision or feel unsure of yourself.


Joining a mastermind means you will constantly be learning and growing at all times. From problem-solving to strategy sessions to workshops with some of the best experts and leaders in the world, you are getting a Ph.D. in life. Each member brings a new set of skills and experience to the table, sharing tactics that are extremely valuable.


Mastermind groups work together to help each other grow and scale. From collaborations to partnerships and new business ventures, each member brings a network to the table which in turn expands the awareness of your brand and leads to new opportunities. Your network is your net-worth and the networking potential of this group of high performers together in one room makes us UNSTOPPABLE!

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What people think of our community

“While I’ve had a number of incredible supervisors and colleagues, I can’t say that I’ve had a mentor to go to for advice when navigating my career. That’s why being a member with FYLI has been a lifeline. The support that I’ve received from the tribe has restored my confidence and motivated me to reach for my goals. It’s also rewarding to share my perspective and expertise with this group of change makers.”

Azia Celestino

“FYLI is an inspirational organization at the forefront of empowering and helping women thrive. By providing support on all aspects of life both professional and personal, FYLI’s holistic approach helps to awaken your full potential. Happy to be a part of this unique women’s movement.”

Milene Jardine

“FYLI is powerhouse women who stand for each other’s growth and success. A must for anyone up to playing a big game in life.”

Tanya Prive

“Fyli is in a league of its own in its ability to truly provide, foster and create an abundant network of support that embodies the best of those ideals. I am a member of different “clubs” or affinity groups, and they’ve all left me wanting for a sincere connection, for a sense of deep trust and authenticity. FYLI, and its incredible founders Summer and Jax have done what many have failed to do- created a consistent, reliable, heart expanding tribe that serves as the greatest accountability and opportunity creation community I’m a part of.”

Janett Liriano


1. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or started your business already?

A. Aspiring Entrepreneur
B. Started Business

2. Are you committed to a year filled with growth and accountability and have the time to contribute peer to peer mentorship to other community members while growing together year after year?

A. YES I have the time and fully committed
B. NO I have limited time and would prefer to pop in and out as needed

3. Are you open to travel and gathering in person for strategy sessions and events, or would prefer to be remote and fully online?

A. Open to travel
B. Virtual

4. Do you have a detailed business plan and strategy in place to grow your company even if you did not start it yet?

A. Yes
B. No

5. Are you willing to learn new skills, get vulnerable, and focus on accountability even when things get hard along the way?

A. Hell YES!
B. Willing to Try