A wise woman once said:

“Who run the world? Girls!”  💃 👯‍♀️😏







Happy International Women’s Day! Around the world, people are joining in honoring women and challenging the oppression they continue to face. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity! Imagine a gender-equal world with no bias, discrimination or stereotypes that foster diversity, equity and inclusion. 


Supporting women every day is something we always do at fylí. By creating a Mastermind program to support female founders, we are committed to helping women flourish personally and professionally. The women in our tribe are hardworking, powerful and all-around inspiring. We would not have the opportunity to collaborate, learn and grow together if it wasn’t for the courageous women who first broke into the business realm and paved the way. The startup industry was originally dominated by men, but women have put on their entrepreneurial hats and have been crushing it 💪. Even though we are still forging for gender equality in entrepreneurship, we have a seat at the table. 


So let’s celebrate! 🎊 Here are 5 ways you can celebrate International Women’s Day: 




1. Attend an IWD event 😆

international womens day


There are numerous in-person events, virtual events, marches and more that you can attend to celebrate IWD 🎉. 

🎉 Check out the event list on the International Women’s Day website

🎉 Search #International Women’s Day” on Eventbrite 





2. Donate to organizations that support women and girls 💰 




Donating to non-proft organizations helps them continue to support females globally 🌎✨. Check out some below: 

🌍 Global Fund For Women 

🌍 Women’s Global Empowerment Fund 

🌍 Educate Girls Globally 





3. Listen to a woman empowerment playlist 🎧 

women empowerment playlist spotify



What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month than by jamming to empowering feminist anthems? 💃🎶 ⁠We’ve curated a playlist featuring our favorite girl boss anthems by female artists who’ve made a lasting impact on music, culture, and our confidence 💅. 







4. Watch a documentary




Educate yourself on the adversities women have overcome, continue to face and accomplish. 


Our recommendations:

🧡 Period. End of Sentence. – Netflix

🧡 I Am Greta – Hulu

🧡 Feminists: What Were They Thinking – Netflix 

🧡 He Named Me Malala – Amazon Prime

🧡 Gloria: In Her Own Words – HBO  




5. Shop at women-owned and women-led businesses 🛍 



Here are some of our favorite women-owned brands: 

🛍 Mela

🛍 Sacred Child Beauty 

🛍 Li Organics

🛍 Ettitude






No matter what you do, we hope you feel inspired! Today is a day to celebrate, rejoice and push forward to a better future for all women! We #EmbraceEquity and hope you will too! #IWD2023 #IWDWithFyli 




Check out our #IWDWITHFYLI video featuring some of our community members: “What’s one woman who inspires you and why?”







At fylí, we celebrate women EVERY DAY. Our community is a place where we celebrate the victories of female founders, while also supporting each other through education, mentorship, resources and accountability.⁠

Every female founder needs a strong, supportive community to help her grow personally as a founder, and to help her grow her brand 🙌. Our next cohorts are launching in Q2 and we don’t want you to miss out! ⁠






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