5 Ways to Celebrate Pride Month


Happy Pride Month! To us, Pride is all about love, freedom, individuality, and honoring the brave activists who helped shape LGBTQIA+ rights.  Whether you want to celebrate virtually or in-person, there are so many ways you can participate! Pride month is not just for those in the LGBTQ community—everyone can embrace what it means to celebrate love and equality. If you want to take join in on the celebration and show your support for the LGBTQ community, try celebrating in one of five ways—or all five; sometimes activism starts with leaning in as an advocate 🎉:


Celebrate on social media


You’re most likely already on socials, so why not celebrate on your accounts? Remember that posting a rainbow flag or outfit is cute, but actually getting involved, sharing informative details, and leaning in as a true advocate with your voice is what Pride is all about. Backup your support with action! Here are a few content ideas you can use to educate and entertain your audience:


    • Informative tweets about LGBTQ history and culture on Twitter
    • Recaps of your experience at Pride events on TikTok
    • Reposting art from LGBTQ artists on Instagram
    • Sharing your Spotify playlist with LGBTQ artists on IG stories with the link sticker
    • Making a collaborative Pride board on Pinterest that other users can add pins to 
    • Showing off your fashionable, Pride-inspired outfits on Snapchat
    • Sharing links to LGBTQ documentaries on Facebook




Attend Pride parades and festivals


Here are some upcoming events we know you’ll love:

Dallas LGBTQ Pride: June 4th-5th 

Pride Summit 2022-Lesbians Who Tech: June 6th-10th

Wynwood Pride: June 10th-12th

LA Pride Parade: June 12th 

San Francisco Pride Parade: June 25th-26th

NYC Pride March: June 26th 


Find more events by city:

NYC Events

LA Events

San Francisco Events

ATL Events


Find more U.S. events HERE

Find global events HERE




Donate to LGBTQ organizations



Making a donation to an organization that is committed to protecting and uplifting the LGBTQ community is another great way to celebrate! Here are a few organizations you can donate to:

 Human Rights Campaign



 The Trevor Project

Center for Black Equity

All Out 

Out & Equal


The Attic Youth Center 




Support LGBTQ-owned businesses



According to the NGLCC, There are 1.4 million LGBTQ-owned businesses across the U.S., contributing $1.7 trillion in revenue. Despite this, these organizations don’t have equal access to funding, resources, and business programs. If we pledge to support LGBTQ brands during Pride month and beyond, we can help them earn the resources they need to thrive. Check out these LGBTQ businesses you can support now and forever:


Otherwild (Apparel & Accessories)

Fluide (Makeup) 

JZD (Apparel)

Equal Love (Body Care & Home Products)

Dr. Botanicals (Vegan Skin Care)

Ash + Chess (Cards, Books, Accessories, & Apparel)

Automic Gold (Jewelry) 

Roverlund (Pet Carriers, Beds, & Accessories)





Support your LGBTQ friends and family 

pride flag


Make your LGBTQ loved ones feel extra special by making them feel seen, supported, and loved this month. Write them a sentimental note commending their bravery, celebrate their “coming out” story, gift them something special that represents love, or simply spend quality time with them.




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