Goals. We all set goals for ourselves. Whether it’s a small goal like waking up after your first alarm instead of hitting snooze, or a grand goal like buying a new home, or creating a long term financial plan. Setting goals is the easy part. Following through and achieving our goals is the challenge. Holding yourself accountable is one of the best ways to ensure you accomplish your goals. These 5 ways to stay accountable with your goals will help you on your personal growth journey and achieve your goals. 


Tip # 1 Have an Accountability Partner

Humans thrive in community and having an accountability partner throughout your journey will only assist you in fulfilling your goals. Your accountability buddy will help you stay focused. They will be at your side to encourage and cheer you on. Furthermore, your partner will motivate you when you need a little push.


Tip # 2 Set small or Micro Goals to Help You Achieve your Big Goals

Setting micro goals will assist you in achieving your bigger goals. Micro goals prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by the pressure of reaching substantial goals in a short period of time. Remember, “Rome was not built in a day.” Small life changes and goals build upon one another. They are the building blocks to accomplishing the biggest dreams and goals you set for your life.


Tip # 3 Schedule Check-ins

Set aside time regularly to check-in with yourself and ensure you’re on the right track. Timely check-ins allow you to review your progress and make adjustments as you go. Check-ins will prevent you from becoming discouraged. 


Tip # 4  Journaling, Reflection, and Vision Boards 

Creating a vision board is an excellent first step to the journaling process. A vision board will provide inspiration and be a tool for reflection. Also, Journaling your progress will help you relieve stress, check your mindset, and in those moments of discouragement, you can reflect on how far you’ve come. Maintaining accountability to your goals can be challenging. Cultivating a vision and journaling will make the undertaking a bit simpler. Remember, It’s sometimes about the process and not just the destination.


Tip # 5 Be Prepared

Do the research, read the books, and collect the materials for whatever goals you’re trying to achieve. You wouldn’t show up to the gym in flip flops, so don’t show up without the materials or resources you need to execute your goals. Preemptive work provides you with a firm foundation and sets you up for success.


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