By: Mi’a Callens

Productivity is something we strive for everyday. Whether you’re a graduate student tackling four midterms in a week or a parent of four balancing work and family, A productive day can be the difference between staying up all night finishing tasks or sitting on your couch at the end of a long day with your favorite glass of wine and a bowl of buttery popcorn (Thanks, Olivia Pope). Productivity is measured by the important tasks you accomplish, not the volume of tasks you accomplish. These six productivity hacks will help you accomplish your daily tasks and make you unstoppable!


Be Accountable

Holding yourself accountable is one of the best ways to stay on track. An accountability partner is a great way to maintain productivity. Your accountability buddy will cheer you on and motivate you when laziness or distraction creeps in.


The To-Do ListTo-do List

If you can see it, you can do it! Visualizing a goal helps you “get stuff done.” To-do lists promote productivity best for short term goals. Whether you write the list the old-fashioned way on pen and paper or type your tasks in an app, having a tangible list will enhance your efficiency. There are several free daily task apps to help boost productivity including, TickTick (yes, TickTick not Tik Tok), Todoist, Evernote,, and Reminders. Check them out!


Ditch Distractions with a Clean and Organized Space

An organized work space provides a blank slate for creativity and productivity to flow. Be intentional, mark out time, and quiet or carve out a space just for you. A clean space reduces stress and anxiety, increases focus and allows for better concentration, improves motivation, and limits distractions. Remember, decluttering your space will help declutter your mind.


Pick A PlaylistPick a Playlist

Turn on your favorite playlist to create a tranquil and peaceful environment. Remember, it’s all about the vibe. Whether it be your girl power playlist to increase motivation, study beats to drown outside noise, or classical hits to keep you focused, music is one of the biggest keys to boosting productivity. Check out Apple Music’s Pure Motivation and Easy Hits playlists, as well as, Spotify’s Lo-fi Beats and Feel Good Friday playlists. These curated collections are updated regularly to keep you motivated, focused, and charged. 


Schedule Breaks

Before you burn out, schedule breaks every couple hours or after every completed task. Rest allows your mind and body to recharge and is a key element to productivity. Step away from your screen. Maybe grab a citrus water or a latte, take a moment to stretch, or even step outside and take a stroll for a change of scenery. It doesn’t matter what activity you do as long as you give your mind and body a moment of stillness.


Give Yourself GraceGive Yourself Grace

We’re only human, and perfection is unattainable. It’s ok if you’re not running at 100% efficiency all of the time. In those moments fatigue or lack of motivation it’s ok to pause. Give yourself the grace you deserve, and don’t worry you’re still a Productivity BOSS.




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