By Alesia Stradford 

What empowers you to be successful? Maybe you’re a mother wanting to be a great example for your children. Maybe your life has had its share of tribulations and you want to inspire others through your resiliency. Or maybe you’re a first-generation college girl that wants to make her family proud. Whatever it may be, every woman deserves to feel empowered and know her potential. If you can dream it, you can do it! But let’s be real; sometimes life gets in the way and we lose hope. Here are six things every woman should know and do to restore hope and be empowered for success: 


1. Capitalize on your gifts

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We each have special gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that unfold as we navigate through life. Whatever you have mastered, use it to your advantage. Collab your innovative ideas and big dreams with your purpose and gifts and allow them to make room for you on your path to success. Write down your grand visions and create an action plan on how you’ll achieve them. You never know who’s watching–someone with the same dreams as you may be waiting for you to make that big move to show them it’s possible! 

2. Know that success is not time-bound

As women, we tend to plan everything out in our life: when we will get married, have kids, start our career, how much money we’ll make, and where we will live. We are especially specific when it comes to planning success. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always happen the way we want it to. However, success has no beginning and end date. You may be at a point where you thought you would be successful by now, but it’s never too late. Success can come at any time. Martha Stewart and Vera Wang didn’t start their careers until they were 40! So keep working at your dreams because your talents never expire!    

3. Network with like-minded women

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There’s no better feeling than having a team of women behind you that inspire, motivate, encourage, and believe in you. We are like plants. The more we are poured into and watered with support, affirmation, and encouragement from others, the better we thrive. In turn, we then are able to “pour” into others. Empowered women empower women. Why navigate your path to success alone when you don’t have to? Being surrounded by a strong community of women can be truly beneficial to your personal growth and development. 

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4. Realize that every rejection is for your protection

We’ve all dealt with rejection some time in our life. Hearing “no” can be hard when craving success, especially when we felt we deserved that opportunity. Although rejection is hurtful, it actually is a good thing. Why? Because what’s meant for you will never pass you. Maybe that company you desperately wanted to work for wouldn’t have treated you fairly or paid you your worth. Trust the process. Keep going. Change your mindset on rejection and failures and watch how you begin to develop a more positive perspective and be empowered for success.

5. Acknowledge your achievements 

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Take time to reward yourself and acknowledge your accomplishments. It’s okay to pause and give yourself some praise! Reflecting on your past achievements can help you realize your potential and empower you to accomplish more. You may not be where you want to be right now, but be proud of what you’ve already achieved. 

6. Remember your “why”

Remember at the beginning of this post when you recalled what empowers you to be successful? Focus on that during your journey to success. The path to success is not an easy one, but if you constantly focus on your “why”, persevering through the obstacles becomes easier. 


This post serves as the dose of empowerment you may have been needing for a while. Feel free to revisit this post when you need a boost of encouragement and even share this post to empower another woman. Lastly, keep working hard and believing in yourself! 


“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting so…get on your way!” -Dr. Seuss