Future of MarketingEver wonder why men join fraternities, private members’ clubs, and make million dollar deals on the golf course? They are not afraid to self-promote and ask for what they want. They lean on  their “brothers” and are part of a larger “boys club” that supports each other’s businesses by sharing strategies and learnings to help each other succeed. Move over boys’ club, NYC’s first female executive master-mind is here. Enter FYLI, named after the Greek word for “tribe”, founded by female entrepreneurs Summer Y.L. (Chinese Influencer & Global Marketing Director), and Jaclynn Brennan (Fashion Executive & Creative Director).

Statistically, women find it harder than men to be assertive and demand what they want. This is understandable since women are underrepresented in the work place, on average earn less for their performance, and can be penalized by their companies for asking what they want. An article from Harvard Business Review stated that only 7% of recent females graduates from Carnegie Mellon attempted to negotiate their salary while 57% of their male counterparts did so. It suggests this hesitation derives from childhood because women are taught to not promote their own interests and to focus on the needs of others instead. This has prevented women from achieving their goals for decades and Fyli was created to break this outdated ideology.  

Future of Marketing NYC

The idea of coming together in a small but focused group is not a new phenomenon and has a lot of merit because learning from one another is one of the keys to success. Master minds have been described by members as “a space to ask yourself questions, to up your game, and learn from others’ journeys”, but how will this elevate your career? Talking out our problems allows us to see new perspectives and mitigates the stress that many entrepreneurs experience when they are the sole person making tough decisions. Sharing ideas with 8-10 people holds one another accountable, boosts confidence, and encourages improvement in a healthy and constructive way. These groups are not only for entrepreneurs either, which largely contributes to their success because every member brings a different level of expertise and can increase your network. This variation and drive for success allows like-minded people to unite together to inspire, encourage, challenge and grow together.

Five Reasons Why You Should Join a Master Mind:

1. Community: Growing your network and finding people with a shared goal or vision is one of the most beneficial investments one can make for their career. Frustration and road blocks are part of any business venture and make it easy to become overwhelmed quickly. However, these setbacks do not represent failure but rather growth and having a community tosupport you through the struggles and moments of breakthrough can make all the difference. 

2. Accountability: You are forced to challenge yourself and those around you. The members will hold you responsible for turning your ideas into actions. This allows one another to support various ideas and watch each member succeed. 

3. Confidence: Say goodbye to hesitation because you can do anything. Why should men be the only ones confident enough to ask for a raise? By working around people with similar goals you will learn how to negotiate instead of settling for what you get. Being able to share your ideas in a challenging but comfortable setting will test your limits and allow you to be cordially have difficult conversations.  

Accelerating Success

4.  Education: Master mind groups are able to bring in people with various backgrounds, allowing you to expand your mind and constantly grow. From problem solving to strategy sessions to workshops with some of the best experts and leaders in the word, you are getting a PhD in life. The member compliments one another by bringing new expertise and skill sets to the group that are extremely valuable. 

5. Elevation: Master-mind groups encourage you to level up and rise to the occasion. From collaborations to partnerships and new business ventures, each member brings a network to the table which in turn expands the awareness of your brand and leads to new opportunities. Your network is your net-worth and one of the best investments for your life both professionally and personally.