Most of us are new to the quarantine concept, which could take a real toll on one’s way of life. Most of us hated it in the start but gradually adjusted so well to the concept that we started loving it and everyone hopes to work from home in the future. Well, we all know that’s not very appropriate to reality, but some firms are actually taking it into consideration. You never know, you might just be lucky. Apart from us work-from-home lovers, there are also people who would love to go back to their “normal” lives and not just step out for some groceries and important errands. Sadly, it’s not just about working from home, but many have their hardships with staying locked inside four walls. Do read “The Pandemic full of Anxiety” to know more about it.


Did you ever feel like “It feels like I gained some extra hours in my day, what should I do about it?”. Don’t worry, I got you. You’re not alone in this because everybody now has more time for new things since there’s no travel time involved, no more dressing up early morning for work and such. So, if you’re tired of binge-watching shows, watching new movies every day or just staring outside your window, try doing something new and exciting. This could involve doing something you have dreamed of for a while but didn’t have enough time to execute it or do something just for fun.


man and woman cookingHelping with Chores

If you were one of those people who only woke up to go to the office/college/school and got back to a table full of your favorite food every night, this one’s for you. Now you have that extra time to help with cooking for all meals of the day along with cleaning the house as per required. Parents/spouse couldn’t be happier than watching their children/spouse assist them with taking out trash, washing the dishes, etc. My go-to channel for the best recipes and hacks is ‘How To Cook That’, try it out-


Women group classHealthy Lifestyle

I’m confident many of us deferred workouts and eating right because of how busy our lives used to be (or that’s what we told ourselves). This is the time for us to fix that. A healthier body, a happier you. Eating healthy is always misunderstood for only- having a good body shape on the outside. That is absolutely untrue because a healthy diet could not only make you look fit but also prevent many diseases. The unhealthier the food is, the more ill a person becomes, this could be soon or sometime in the near future. Eating right tagged with physical activity can go a long way. It’s never too late to make things right, so start now. ‘Madfit’ YouTube channel has been my savior this lockdown, check her out-


artHidden talents?

Isn’t your social media feed already full of people trying to explore new areas of interests or learning and adapting to new hobbies? It’s time you do the same. Exploring your talents could not just aid you make the most of your time but can truly make you a cheerier person. One could try and make new arti crafts, paintings, décor, recycle/reuse material in useful ways, dance, sing and what not! You could also choose to flip some handmade items on online platforms (Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, eBay, Mercari……) for some dollars on the side. ‘HGTV Handmade’ has a good collection of vloggers and DIYs to help you make the most of it-


A lot of us have at some point dreamed of having a business of our own. We never got the chance to explore that side of us and what better chance than now? Many universities (including ivy-league) are offering free courses and some courses at a discounted price that could help one explore, learn and gain all the knowledge needed to start your own business. There are also free virtual workshops held, to help people live their dreams. Check out Fyli’s workshops that could help you climb your way up entrepreneurship-


Having these extras hours in our lives sometimes gets overwhelming. We want to do so much that we end up doing nothing, which is totally normal! We need to assure ourselves to stick to a timetable that could help us plan our day in advance, giving us a clear idea of what our hours are going to be like and be prepared for what’s coming. Are you ready for your new journey?

Author- Shweta Shetty