By Haley Martinsen


Woman Working OutI never thought I would say I miss waking up early to go to the gym every day, but quarantine really ruined my gym routine. My apartment is barely big enough to fit my bed and a kitchen table, let alone big enough for me to workout in. After the first couple of months passed, I gave up on creating my own workouts and found apps that work for me.

Especially in quarantine, keeping up with your mental health and taking time for yourself is important. Even if it’s just a 10 minute workout during your lunch break, exercise will help boost your mood and help you sleep better.

If you want to switch it up or are in need of a workout buddy, here are a few of my favorite workout apps to help with that!

1. FitOn

FitOn lets you watch workouts live (if you’re like me and need encouragement sometimes) and has over a hundred workout videos ranging from barre, HIIT and cardio to small space, prenatal and quick hits. They have something different depending on your mood, and they track your workout progress. All for free!

FitOn works for my schedule, which is why I’m such an active user. I always feel de-stressed after a quick work out and a healthy snack.

FitOn’s startup story is also inspiring for female leaders. Lindsay Cook, the co-founder and CEO, wanted to create a completely free platform for people everywhere to engage in easy and healthy workout habits. Cook had working women and mothers in mind who juggle tons of things daily and find it difficult to find time for themselves. 

The company reached the #1 free fitness app spot earlier this year after starting only in January 2019.

Download here on the App Store.

2. Peloton

Peloton is a paid membership, but they have a 30-day free trial. Their videos range from HIIT workouts to cycling, but I mostly enjoyed the guided running sessions! I hate running on my own, but wanted something outdoors that varied a little from my normal hiking routines. The app tracks your route and pace, so it’s great if you need a little one-on-one coaching while on a run.

If you’re looking for more pros and cons before signing up, check out McAuliffe’s review here!

Download here on the app store.

McAuliffe Chiropractic Office Review
McAuliffe Chiropractic Office Review

3. Down Dog

I always thought yoga was more of a cool-down than a workout itself, but then a friend of mine recommended this app to me. It allows you to customize your time, level of intensity, focus, voice and music to personalize a yoga routine every time. 

I love the customization and how simple it is. You can always mute the app and listen to your own music, as well. 

Yoga helps me calm my mind, and even a five minute session helps refresh me in between virtual meetings. I recommend lighting a candle, taking a few deep breaths and trying a yoga class before bed! It not only relaxes my body and helps me stretch, but it keeps my mind stress free.

Download here on the app store.