On October 11-13th, we enjoyed a beautiful retreat at the Hasbrouck House in Stone Ridge, NY with our internal team and Icons Cohort Mastermind members. Over the course of our 3-day getaway, we participated in a range of activities such as outdoor yoga, a wonderful workshop hosted by Joanne Heyman, a roundtable session, a relaxing bonfire, an adventurous nature walk, and intimate group dinners.


The Fun


Outdoor Yoga

outdoor yoga

We participated in a group outdoor yoga class where we stretched our bodies and focused on breath work. It was a refreshing workout that centered and energized us for the rest of the fun planned ahead!





We also attended a workshop on rituals for daily life and sustaining energy led by Joanne Heyman. Joanne is an Integrative Coach, Strategic Advisor, and CEO of Heyman Partners. Even during our retreats, we welcome insightful workshops that inspire and enlighten our members! 



Nature Walk

On the last day of our retreat, we went on a scenic nature walk in the beautiful Mohonk Mountain Preserve led by a local guide from Alpine Endeavors. We went on the Table Rocks Trail and got to visit the Place of the Longhouse; a historic Native American encampment! 



Dining Experience


fyli mastermind hasbrouck house

The Hasbrouck House has an incredible restaurant called Butterfield which we had the pleasure of dining at throughout our stay. The restaurant and kitchen staff did an amazing job of thoughtfully curating delicious meals that accommodated members’ dietary restrictions and created beautiful dining table arrangements that elevated the experience even further. Gathering with our tribe to share laughs and meaningful conversation over an incredible meal was the perfect way to close each day!



Member Experience


“I loved everything about the entire Fyli Retreat! I loved having been able to spend time with our tribe in a place that was both serene and restorative. From sunrise yoga to conquering a long-time fear during our mountain hike, I feel like it was a great place to let go of so much pressure I had put on myself during my daily life as a first generation tech founder and release negative energy, stress, and even insecurities. Walking away with the gems of a sisterhood rooted in being a boss with a killer tribe is an iconic experience that I will treasure for years to come.”

Crystal Berger, Media Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of EBO


“Our Mastermind retreat was absolutely divine — I continue to be blown away with the creativity of the FYLI team! They created a beautiful balance of play, rest & connection. Spending time with our tribe in person further enhanced and deepened our relationships! Truly looking forward to our next magical adventure together!”

-Katie Rose, Corporate Entrepreneur, currently leading the Digital Planning Organization at TJX


“You can’t put a price tag on the rejuvenating experience FYLI curated. Just two and half days away dedicated to the growth of our businesses and the sisterhood of our cohort left me feeling inspired to take things to the next level. But, perhaps most valuable, FYLI recognizes that we, the founders, need to look within, strengthen within, to see our businesses flourish outwardly. Giving time and space to unravel that is what made the weekend absolutely magical.

-Alayna Palgon, Influencer Marketing and Tech Consultant, Owner of Alayna Nicole


“Fylí created a 5 star restorative and inspiring retreat. From the lodging and dining experiences to the workshops and the wellness activities, the retreat was a top tier event.  Plus, you’re among amazing, inspiring and  supportive women to boot! I can’t wait for the next one!” 

-Maggie Davis, Owner, MD Public Relations 


Retreat Recap

We had an amazing time spending time with each other, sharing stories, smiling and laughing, and strengthening our sisterhood. Our mastermind members are hard-working entrepreneurs and leaders who deserve time away to have fun, relax and rejuvenate. This was a much needed getaway that we all deserved! 





oleada bag


“Fyli is fostering a positive environment that facilitates the participation of female entrepreneurs and incubates future leaders. I truly believe this community thus could inspire the next generation of women and change the unbalanced gender status quo.”- Tiffany Zhou, Co-Founder and Creative Director of OLEADA

Special thanks to OLEADA for gifting our members with beautiful handbags! 



Joanne Heyman

joanne heyman

We want to thank Joanne for putting together an amazing workshop for our members! We’re so thankful for Joanne joining us!  



Hasbrouck House

hasbrouck house

Hasbrouck House showed us incredible hospitality! From the delicious foods and beautifully decorated rooms, to their amazing help in helping us organize our retreat, we couldn’t have asked for a better partner! 



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