We recently launched out 6th mastermind cohort for female founders and we are thrilled to introduce each of these amazing women on our blog! We’re kicking off these features with our lovely member Jessica Santander, Founder of Jessica Santander LLC jewelry line. We caught up with Jessica to learn more about the inspiration behind her brand and dive into her journey as a female founder. 



Welcome to the tribe Jessica! We’re ecstatic to have you in our 6th cohort. Can you share with our community a little bit about you? 


jessica santander


I’m originally from Rochester, NY (was born during an actual ice storm) and grew up in Delaware where I grew my passion for storytelling via the brazilian telenovelas I used to watch with my mom. There was something so magnetizing that drew me into the desire of wanting to live a creative life. Fast forward, I now live in Tampa, FL and am a dog mom to a westie boy name Potter (inspired by my love for Harry Potter).






Can you tell us more about your founder journey and why you created your jewelry line Jessica Santander


jessica santander jewelry


I would say that I’ve always known I wanted to do something on my own, however, self-doubt questioning my potential led me to pursuing my degree in Marketing and International Business. After landing my first full-time role pos grad, the blazing passion for the arts led me to quit my corporate job and pursue my small business full time within a period of 6 months. I knew I wanted to create a jewelry brand because it would be a seamless connection to my great love for storytelling and imagination as well as a push beyond my comfort zone where I’d be challenged to creatively live out a distinct brand amidst a saturated market. My jewelry company is essentially a mirror to my story, my core values, and my hope with what can be for the modern day woman to shine as she believes in her self-worth.






We love that your jewelry is not only beautifully handmade, but also boldly symbolic, with each piece representing something special. What inspired you to create such meaningful jewelry? 


jessica santander jewelry


It’s been my intention since day 1 to foster a meaningful line that will speak to the right audience and hopefully inspire joy into the stories of others. The storytelling purpose comes from the inspiration I’ve experienced from various women in my life, starting with my mom (and truly both my parents immigration journey of leaving South America to create a better future for our family) and women I’ve met throughout my professional career path. Overall, the movement of women uplifting women has propelled me to embody this in our brand voice so young girls will see the magic when it comes to collaborating together.






Collaborations are immensely popular in the Fashion world, and we know the girls live for an incredible brand collab! What are some of your dream companies you’d love to collab with in the future? 



The list can go on and on but a few dream collabs that my company would absolutely faint at the moment lol are Lele Sadoughi, Rare Beauty, Farm Rio, and Sprinkles Cupcake.






As a female founder, when did you realize it was important for you to be surrounded by other female founders and join fylí’s mastermind program?



Ever since the pandemic happened, I knew that nothing is certain in business and that year challenged my mindset in believing my potential once again as how I had experienced previously. When you surround yourself with other female founders who push you beyond your comfort zone, as how the women with FYLI do, the sense of hope and infinite possibilities come with a whole new definition. I know that my entrepreneurial journey will be one where surrounding myself in a room filled with thriving female entrepreneurs is essential for growth and positive impact.






What are you looking forward to the most over the next 12 months with your cohort members? 

What I am looking forward to over the next 12 months, is to really push myself, get out of my comfort zone, and see my potential coming to fruition through collaborations, connections, and meaningful conversations with these amazing women.


I truly want to set myself up for success as to be a successful and inspiring leader with my team that I soon hope to bring together with our small business.





We believe everyone has a unique “superpower” that makes them special. What is your superpower?  


jessica santander


My unique superpower is my inner stubborn optimist where, when I truly love and am passionate about something, I  believe it can be done. I also just simply believe in the act of spreading inspiration to others in words of joy, light, and positivity.





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