By: Anna Gotsch


I think we can all agree that supporting small businesses is so important to our communities. When you shop local, more dollars are put back into the community which keeps the area vibrant and lively. Don’t get me wrong, supporting the community is a big reason why shopping small is so important. However, in today’s digital world small businesses are not always local. So why should we and how can we support these online businesses?




There are tons, and I mean TONS of small businesses that you can find just scrolling through Instagram that are based all over the world and they need support just as much as the next. These small business owners are trying so hard to make their dreams a reality. These people are so passionate about what they do, which oftentimes means they are extremely knowledgeable about the product or service they are selling. These businesses rely heavily on not only new, but also returning customers to keep their dreams alive. 


small business


Okay but, why is this good for me? Because these business owners are so knowledgeable about their products, they are able to provide unmatched customer service that you probably won’t find at their big chain competitors. Even more so, because these businesses rely so heavily on you coming back and buying more, they will do everything they can to make sure you have a good experience with them. Again, something you probably won’t find at a larger retailer or firm. 

And if excellent customer service and a personalized experience doesn’t do it for you, at the very least when you support a small business you know exactly who you are supporting. You will know that you are helping to make someone’s dream a reality. 




thank you Probably the most obvious way to support a small business is to shop at a small business. So next time before you run to Target or HomeGoods think to yourself, do I know of any small businesses where I can get what I need? While the item may be a bit pricier than it would be at a larger retailer, these smaller businesses tend to have more unique and innovative products that you can’t find anywhere else.

Trust me, I love to shop just as much as the next girl, but there are other ways to support a small business that don’t even require spending any money! Small businesses don’t have the financial resources that larger businesses do and therefore they rely heavily on word of mouth marketing. In other words, if you had a good experience with them they want you to tell everyone you know all about it. Word of mouth marketing can be a powerful thing but let’s be honest we only know so many people. However, in today’s age of social media, word can spread faster and farther than ever before. So the next time you’re scrolling through instagram and you come across a small business you think is doing a great job, take 3 seconds out of your day to like, comment on or share their post. Just 3 seconds can make such a big impact on someone else’s dream and you didn’t even have to spend any money!




We figured you might want to go shopping after reading this… so we found some small businesses we think are doing an amazing job! Happy shopping! 



Pause Play Wellness

Pause Play Wellness“Pause Play Wellness is an invitation to come home to yourself. Through one-on-one remote energy healing, intention setting, breath-work, and reiki infused yoga sessions, you will gain peace, clarity, and balance needed to unapologetically walk in your truth and honor the deepest desires of your heart. Do you accept the invitation?”


Sundays Studio

Sundays Studio“We are the clean alternative to your regular nailpolish so you don’t have to sacrifice health for beautiful nails.”


Image Intelligence

Image IntelligenceImage Intelligence is a full-service image consulting firm that leverages 25-years of fashion experience and deep access to C-Suite decision makers to help you create an outward image that mirrors your professional and personal accomplishments. Through one-to-one evaluations, personal shopping, and style education, we curate, and ultimately cultivate a personal brand that meets your level of success today, and helps you achieve your goals for tomorrow.”


The Workout LA


The Workout LAThe heart of our work is to create a movement of self-love and appreciation for all bodies. Our workouts are results driven, but they are also meant to give you permission to be sexy, be yourself, and be a badass!


Milène Jardine

Milène Jardine Chocolatier offers artisanal, international chocolate inspired by her personal mantra: Live by Love. After exploring over 35 countries and meeting inspirational people every step of the way, she believes in the healing power of food, of connection, and of love. The vision is to celebrate the beauty of diversity through chocolate. Each contains the finest natural ingredients: Valhrona chocolate from France along with exotic herbs and spices that heal and soothe the body.”


Navy Lion

Navy Lion“Welcome to Navy Lion, the home of unique, artistic and very creative handcrafted jewelry. I draw and wax carve every element of my design. Made with heavy 24K gold plating and superior quality. Every purchase comes with a warranty. Made with love and magic. Enjoy.”


Copina Co

Copina Co“Enough is enough! We need beauty products that help us highlight what we love most about ourselves and the products that treat us otherwise just aren’t cutting it. 

That’s why I started Copina Co. a brand of ingredients-first edible beauty products that are dedicated to highlighting what you love most about yourself and boosting your inner beauty. The name “Copina Co.” comes from the French word “copine” which means “friend”. We’re about creating a friendly wellness community. We’re committed to bringing you the highest-quality products that are simple, effective, totally delicious, and made to fit all that life throws your way!”




Thale Blanc“Combining modern techniques with traditional craftsmanship, Thalé Blanc brings to life designer fashion with overtones of luxurious glamor and masterful execution. Drawing inspiration from the fashions of the 1920s and the French Renaissance and Baroque periods, Thalé Blanc also looks to exotic lands with rich histories of textile and ornamentation.

Thalé Blanc’s signature is the cheetah, graceful and strong in her stride. Encapsulating the essence of Thalé Blanc, the cheetah’s majestic presence and grace is present in every collection.”