Becoming the best version of ourselves goes far beyond the physical and into our inner most being— our spirituality. The journey to wholeness is not always a walk in the park; it requires determination and intentionality. It’s an inside job where we must embrace the highs and lows that come with it and often times accept that we can’t do it all on our own. We need people that will champion us to wellness. We interviewed our cohort member Katie Fink, an expert in Spiritual Wellness and CEO of Mind Body Soul Market to gain insight into her perspective.




Jessica: What does Mind Soul Body Market mean to you?

Katie: Mind Body Soul Market is a gathering place to explore the mysteries of the Universe and unlock new aspects of yourself.  

Jessica: When do you feel most empowered?

Katie: When I am being my full authentic self and typically wearing a mystical Goddess dress!  

Jessica: What does an ideal self-care day look like for you?

Katie: It would start waking up in a new place to swim in the sea, soak in the rainbow rays from the sun and become one with nature. To complete an evening with friends new and old exploring the mysteries of the Universe.

Jessica: What energizes you about your profession?

Katie: Everything!  My passion is understanding the mysteries of the universe and birthing a business that allows me to do this daily with incredible teachers is a brilliant gift!



Jessica: Going through this entrepreneurial journey so far, what is your biggest take away?

Katie: You need a tribe – gratefully every single day FYLI came into my life at exactly the right time, it was truly divinely guided and with the recommendation from earth angel Sandra Campos too!

Jessica: How has your spiritual awakening journey changed you as a person?

Katie: Ohhh such a fabulous question.  I am still me – a bolder and aligned version of me – I glow more brightly now.  

Jessica: Has being spiritually awakened impacted the way you make decisions for your business and personal life? If so, how?

Katie: It has allowed me permission to listen to the soul of my business and co-create with her and our beautiful vendor community.  Just like us our businesses have soul purposes!

Jessica: For someone who is interested in embarking their spiritual awakening journey but has no idea where to start, what would you recommend?

Katie: Start by tuning into that inner voice, for me I get what I call ‘pings’ from my higher self and sometimes they are simple like a ping to text a friend.  As you trust the pings you will receive more, sometimes in the form of full uploads of new information!  If you aren’t sure how to tap into the inner voice, try automatic writing.  For me, I write a question to my higher self and see what comes through – it’s a beautiful practice.



Jessica: In this crazy chaotic world, finding peace is like hitting the jackpot. What are some practices that help you stay grounded in the midst of inconveniences? 

Katie: A walk in the woods is my go to cure for all of life’s trials and always provides a perspective shift.

Jessica: What is something you’d like others to know about you? 

Katie: I’m a mystic.

Jessica: How has being a part of a community such as FYLI impacted you?

Katie: Well, as I am reflecting on this question I received a message from my fellow FYLI tribe member Alayna to our ICON cohort and she says, ‘some of you are unaware of just how amazing you really are.  The way you make people laugh, lift others up or spread some extra love. You do this even though you are struggling too and I think that makes you such a fucking beautiful human being.’ I think that sums it up and when birthing a new paradigm it’s amazing to have cheerleaders, mentors and friends inspiring you!

Jessica: What inspired you to create and launch Mind Soul Body Market?

Katie: The concept for MBSM was uploaded to me as one of those divine ‘pings’ from my higher self during a meditation at a women’s circle at Sarah Jenks’ The Temple of Remembrance (she’s now our resident Priestess for MBSM).  It came to me in February 2020 and I recall thinking how might I be able to birth this business while working in Corporate America and then March 2020 came and my life shifted in a way where I had slightly more capacity to birth this beautiful new concept into the world based on collaboration, connection and community.  



Jessica: Who inspires you the most?

Katie: People living their purpose! 

Jessica: When initiating Mind Soul Body Market, what were your biggest obstacles and how did you overcome them?

Katie: Me.  I was my biggest obstacle and my fear, self doubt.  Overcoming myself is still a challenge and what I’ve found helps me the most is reminding myself the business I am building is not about me.  I am simply the weaver creating connection and the dreamer inspiring something bigger than me.

Jessica: What piece of advice would you give to women that want to launch a business endeavor but feel like they are incapable of doing so?

Katie: YOU are capable, your idea came to YOU for a reason and every day take a step towards becoming the new YOU that is birthing something fabulous into the world.  

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