Sianne Boreham knows how to bring the magic to a Monday. Not only is she our very own cohort member and founder of The Mix Marketing, she is also a leader in the Austin community, bringing people together in the name of coworking. Every Monday, she hosts a coworking space in the heart of Austin called “Momentum Monday” where remote workers can collaborate and thrive. We caught up with this Coworking Queen to discuss how she built her community and what inspired her to get started.




When did you first realize the power of coworking and what inspired you to create a coworking community of your own in Austin? 




(Sianne) When I first started working for myself, it was during the pandemic – so the loneliness crept in quick. The WFH isolation coupled with the slow winter months also took a toll on my motivation to start work on Mondays and ultimately, affected my momentum for the rest of week. So I figured, “Maybe if I set up coworking dates every Monday morning, I’ll at least have a latte and a friend to get me out of bed.” It was an immediate success. Everyone who showed up to that first Momentum Monday raved about how motivated they felt and I knew in that moment: I’m not the only one who needs this. The accountability, human interaction, and communal celebration of wins was the antidote to my lack of motivation but more importantly, it helped others feel the same. 




What happens during “Momentum Mondays?




(Sianne) When people arrive at Momentum Monday, they’re immediately greeted by the group, set down their things, and go order their morning beverage. Once everyone is unpacked and settled in, we take a moment to introduce ourselves, celebrate a recent win, and set goals for the day. From there, we drop into the first of five 30-minute work sprints. No talking, just focused work – whatever “work” means to you (sometimes people just read or journal the whole time.) Between sprints we socialize, go for a group walk, and occasionally engage in a dance party or breathwork session. It’s a very organic, yet organized experience. Momentum Monday ends at noon, but plenty of people stay longer because they’re in the groove. 




What kinds of people typically attend? 




(Sianne) Everyone is welcome at Momentum Monday! The usual crowd is a mix of entrepreneurs, remote workers, and people between jobs. Ages range from 23-55 and every once in a while, someone brings their mom who’s in town or their coworkers who they have a scheduled meeting with. It’s always a fun group. 




How has coworking and connecting with your community impacted you personally and professionally as an entrepreneur? 



(Sianne) Besides just feeling more motivated about my work in general, Momentum Monday has brought me a lot of new friends, clients, and experiences that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about. Somebody is always extending the invitation for weekend plans. It’s also just so inspiring to be around people who are working on their dreams. We often collaborate, share services, and refer one another new opportunities. I feel very accountable to these people – they give me a greater sense of purpose. 




What do you love most about coworking? 




(Sianne) The best part about coworking is feeling inspired. That’s the whole point: to gain momentum for the week. Whether your cup is being filled by the social aspect, the productivity component, or just getting TF out of your house, there’s something for everyone no matter what mood you’re in. 




What advice would you give to someone who wants to start a coworking space in their own community? 


(Sianne) I’d say just be consistent. If you build it, they will come. Momentum Monday has been happening every single Monday from 9am-12pm at the same place for over 8 months so people can always count on it. 




If someone wants to join Momentum Mondays, how can they get involved? 




(Sianne) You can head over to the link in my bio @themix_marketing and join our groupchat! If you’re not on Instagram, join the newsletter at for Sunday Inspiration and weekly reminders :) OR, just show up! Like I said, people can always count on it. 




I see you have an upcoming retreat in February 2023! Please tell us more! 😊 


Lago de Atitlan Guatemala


(Sianne) YASSSSS. This group has given so many people such momentum that they’ve insisted on doing more! So we’ve decided to take this group INTERNATIONAL HONEY. For one week, we’ll be coworking in Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala in a luxurious lakeside mansion. But just like Momentum Monday, it’s not “all work and no play.” We’ll be running focused work-sprints for a total of 6 hours each day with professionally-facilitated experiences before and after. Each morning guests are invited to join us in yoga, breathwork, and meditation while the evenings will consist of planned group outings to indulge in local experiences! Importantly, this retreat is priced to be accessible to everyone. It’s not about making money for us. It’s about holding space for people to make progress towards their goals. It’s the most productive vacation you’ll ever experience!


Early bird pricing is available until December 1st! 

Head over to

The dates are February 19-25th, more details on the site. 



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