DIY Social Media Strategy: A self guided marketing strategy for brand clarity and product promo


By now, many creators and businesses understand how important it is to leverage social media as a tool to help grow their brand. Having a social media strategy can help you plan how to use the platform to achieve and measure your business goals.  However, creating a social media strategy that supports your product/business can be difficult for a few reasons:

    1. Consistency
    2. Clear messaging
    3. Strategic conversion/funnel nurturing



The Mix, a marketing agency, offers an exceptional marketing solution marketing to ease the strategy formulation process: a DIY SMS Guide!  This social media guide is a self guided marketing strategy for brand clarity and product promo.

It contains 21 days of prompted actions designed to nurture your buyer’s journey and clearly communicate your brand’s value through social media. What’s included:

  • – 21 Post & Story prompts
  • – 5 Essential IG highlights
  • – 2 Blogs
  • – 1 Newsletter
  • – 1 Downloadable asset for customers
  • – Website integration
  • – Funnel consulting
  • – 3 1×1 meetings to support your journey




Frequently Asked Questions


Who is this for?

– Any entrepreneur/small business owner looking to create a strong digital presence and promote their offering.


How long will this take?

– If you’re posting 3x/week, one could expect to finish the challenge in about seven weeks (an ideal amount of time to establish credibility & consistency).


Will I have to write the copy and make all the images myself?

– Yes and yes, or upgrade during your call to have it all done for you.


What does the daily time commitment look like?

– The challenge will take about 20 minutes/day and you’ll have 3 hours worth of free, 1×1 meetings to support your process.


Is this just for Instagram?

– The content prompts are applicable to all social media platforms. While Instagram will serve as the main publication, all content can be proliferated to Facebook, Twitter, youtube, TikTok, and LinkedIn.


Sounds like something you need? 


Meet the Founder


Sianne Boreham is a Digital Marketing Specialist and CEO & Founder of The Mix. She is also a member of our Cohort 4 Mastermind group! 


“Social media is your business card. It’s how potential buyers can stay in touch with your brand until they’re ready to buy (or buy again.) By reminding people of who you are, what you’re selling, and why, you stay top of mind with your audience and consistently reaffirm their interest in your business. That, on top of having a cohesive brand, email campaigns, and lead gen devices, makes your offering infinitely available to potential buyers. The Mix exists because people want what entrepreneurs have to offer — I’m just here to bridge the gap.”-Sianne Boreham  



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