Who We Are

Female-led communities are one of the most powerful ways to inspire and drive women. Fyli was founded in 2019, and has been nurturing the next generation of female founders ever since.

It is an all female master-mind group that allows women to rise in every aspect of their lives, while providing members the tools to optimize their growth through peer to peer feedback, deep learning retreats, and educational workshops.

Why We Do What We Do

Here is what our members have to say about the Fyli community experience.

A female-centered community that fosters mentorship can encourage, inspire, and teach women in business to find their voice and shine through their work. Mentorship helps women gain access to capital and economic opportunities they might otherwise miss.

Having strong female bonds means you are offered advice and new perspectives, and you will feel like part of a family/support system. In a female-centered community, members can create meaningful connections and help bring out each other’s most authentic self.

We help female leaders RISE (Renew, Inspire, Support, Empower) in all aspects of their lives.

A strong support network is something that a lot of women lack.