This virtual community was created as a response to the social isolation brought about by COVID-19. We KNEW that you wanted to feel connected to others and be a part of something great, that you needed more support in your life, and that you had limited time and budget to get involved.


Grow Your Network

Having a like-minded community of support with founders from all over the world is a great way to share new ideas, get different perspectives, and grow your network. Our FYLI TRIBE subscription is focused on programming to support your journey, and our monthly group coaching sessions are the secret sauce to this online tribe with a human approach.

The Fyli Tribe Subscription

The Fyli Tribe Subscription is a low-cost, low commitment virtual community that provides value and serious bang for your buck. For $49.99 per month, you will get:



1 Group coaching session

1 Group coaching session per month with the tribe virtual community to troubleshoot, discuss strategies, and make your “asks” to the network for support.



Full Content Access

Access to Fyli’s full content library of past master-classes so you can watch these workshops on your own time if you can not attend them live, or refer to something you loved.

2 Tribe Sessions. Constitutes Growth. Promotes Wellness.


2 Tribe Sessions per month focused on programming to support the 360 lifestyle of a female entrepreneur from growth scaling, to mindset, conscious leadership, branding, fundraising, and group fitness classes. You will also have access to our 2 free community events Resilience to Rise & Active Listening each month.

Join the Fyli Tribe for $49.99/mo

For the new founder building your business, or gearing up to make that leap into entrepreneurship

What people think of our community

So thankful for this tribe of incredibly inspirational female founders. Fyli has been such a blessing. Having a safe space to discuss and share ideas and get honest feedback and support on my journey has been everything!

Nicky Ade

FYLI has become family, a community of incredible, driven, passionate, super talented women/men that help elevate and encourage one another to be their best both personally and professionally. I have fostered some incredible meaningful relationships/friendships on the way. I cannot thank FYLI enough for their thoughtful programming, workshops and coaching sessions for entrepreneurs/executives.
It has truly made an incredible positive, fulfilling impact on my life and mindset!

Naomi Sebu

FYLI has truly been a blessing for me. The amazing women I have met in this amazing tribe have changed my life. I have made such incredible connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful for the amazing community that Jaclynn and Summer has built.

If you haven’t joined FYLI you must. It’s such an incredible and supportive community with amazing people.

Alexandra Spirer

I have gained access to integral tools and resources that I didn’t know I needed and that have already helped my business grow quickly and efficiently, have connected and collaborated with fellow members making instant friendships, and have vastly expanded my scope of what I thought was possible. Not to mention, we also have a ton of FUN! The jokes are always flowing and the energy is always exciting. Being surrounded by such a fierce group of women has been the greatest gift. The essence of FYLI is like none other, and I am so much better for it!

Rachel Autumn

I am actively rearranging my schedule so I can participate more in the Fyli community. The inspiration and enrichment I feel from our sessions is well worth the time. I truly love being part of Fyli Tribe and would strongly recommend to any woman looking to take their passions to the next level and to connect with some AWESOME women along the way!

Anabell Liriano Krzyzankowski