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Counter Culture: Baddies Who Build – Using Technology as the Roadmap to Equity – Regina Gwynn & Crystal Berger

March 21, 2022

Systemic inequities in America have created a history of wealth inequality that leads to racial violence and social unrest. One solution to our country’s racial wealth equity problem…developing inclusive tech ecosystems that drive Black tech innovation and entrepreneurship and that’s just what Black Women Talk Tech is doing, unapologetically. 


During this one-hour power packed session, Crystal I. Berger and Regina Gwynn will explore how Black Women Talk Tech Founders are propelling women to build the next billion dollar business, one black woman at a time. 

Meet Our Speakers:

Crystal I. Berger | Media Tech Entrepreneur, Founder of EBO, & Host of Counter Culture 

Crystal I. Berger is a journalist turned innovator who is committed to breaking barriers to entry in media via the use of smart technology. She is the founder of Pinnacle Media, a media architecture firm dedicated to innovative strategies that propel each client’s voice into today’s ever-changing media landscape. Crystal has been a featured speaker and host at the United Nations, Business Insider, the Congressional Black Caucus, AMC Networks and more. She’s been published in Black Enterprise, Mediabistro and on FOX News. Crystal’s book, “Be Extraordinary” explores how embracing purpose can propel anyone to a life of passion and prosperity. In her free time, Crystal enjoys laughing, strategizing and inspiring. 

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Regina Gwynn | Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker, & Co Founder of Black Women Talk Tech

Regina Gwynn is the co-founder of Black Women Talk Tech, the organization that aims to identify, support and encourage black women to build the next billion-dollar business. Black Women Talk Tech is the largest collective of black women tech founders therefore bringing a unique understanding of the challenges Black women face and the advantages they bring to the tech industry. As co-founder, Regina co-leads business strategy, strategic partnership development and sponsor relations.

Regina Gwynn launched her first tech startup in 2014 with TresseNoire, a platform that empowers women of color to celebrate their textured hair with a personalized beauty routine that works. Its virtual beauty coach takes the guesswork out of finding the right natural hair products & services by matching your individual hair profile to a beauty regimen designed by experts (so you can get the best twist out or the perfect wash n go style the first time, every time!). This innovative product is currently in private beta.

Regina started her career in the Product Development Executive Training program at Federated Department Stores (now Macy’s Inc.), and successfully launched three exclusive brands during her tenure. After graduating from the Kellogg School of Management with her MBA, Regina was a management consultant with the Monitor Group (now Monitor/Deloitte Consulting) and worked with clients within the beauty, media and healthcare industries. She was then tapped to lead marketing at The Apparel Group, where she built the department from scratch and launched the company’s first ecommerce site for its signature brand, Foxcroft Collection.

Regina has served on the Board of Directors for BRAG, a nonprofit for diverse retail professionals & Rising Tide Capital, an entrepreneur development program based in Jersey City, NJ. Regina loves to travel, dance and watch football (Go Giants!).

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