We become unstoppable and indomitable when we learn the skills to take action on the very thing that we fear.

Cathleen knows how to do scary, hard stuff! Cathleen had to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles building a Tech company and then selling it in 2018. At this workshop, she’s going to share insights and tools from her program, Girl-Unafraid, to overcome the fear, doubt and confusion that holds women back. Learn steps to become the indomitable woman you were meant to be. As a CEO, Cathleen used fear as the launch pad to claim a seat at the table winning contracts with companies like Oracle, Adobe, Pfizer, GE and the United States Pentagon. She believes that sometimes the next right step is not a step but a daring leap into a life filled with thrilling adventure! Yes-You-Can starting today!

Cathleen Mancino is an ACC level ICF certified Coach and former 26 year Tech Company CEO. Cathleen founded The Slingshot-Method and Girl Unafraid to empower professionals to overcome obstacles by unleashing fearlessness. She believes that all of us have infinite potential to be, do and have lives of impact and legacy. Cathleen is on a mission to evangelize and promote abundant living by Coaching professional women on how to cultivate and curate what she calls a “personal and professional living masterpiece.”

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