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Empowered Self Care with Dr. Jenny Tufenkian

November 26, 2021

You work hard, I know you do. You are saving the world, the bottom line, your family- often all three! You are amazing at what you do, but what is the risk of not prioritizing your health? Unfortunately, the data is clear. Women, as we step up and out in the world we must have our Empowered Self Care tool kit dialed in- so we don’t crash from chronic disease or burnout. We are going to dive into the most effective strategies to decrease your stress response. You will get tips on how to create your personalized natural health tool kit. So even when life is feeling ‘FULL ON’ you can continue to rock your mission in the world and feel good at the same time! I believe the world needs you to be your best right now more than ever.

Dr. Jenny Tufenkian is a Functional Medicine Educator, Board Certified Naturopathic Physician. She has been in practice for twenty years, with a focus of getting the chronically ill back to full health. Dr. Jenny has taught at the National University of Natural Medicine, and has been the owner and head doctor at Naturopathic clinics. She is the creator of Core Vitality.

Dr. Jenny empowers corporate executives to find a healthy, balanced approach to wellness and vitality, by providing practical tools and tips that busy professional leaders can use from day one. Her approach to corporate wellness leads to improved productivity and employee satisfaction across leadership teams, enabling individuals and teams to move from illness to health, and from fatigue to renewed focus. The people she trains are empowered with key nuggets of clinical knowledge that enable them to create their own personal wellness ‘tool-kit’.

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1. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or started your business already?

A. Aspiring Entrepreneur
B. Started Business

2. Are you committed to a year filled with growth and accountability and have the time to contribute peer to peer mentorship to other community members while growing together year after year?

A. YES I have the time and fully committed
B. NO I have limited time and would prefer to pop in and out as needed

3. Are you open to travel and gathering in person for strategy sessions and events, or would prefer to be remote and fully online?

A. Open to travel
B. Virtual

4. Do you have a detailed business plan and strategy in place to grow your company even if you did not start it yet?

A. Yes
B. No

5. Are you willing to learn new skills, get vulnerable, and focus on accountability even when things get hard along the way?

A. Hell YES!
B. Willing to Try