By: Rachel Autumn, Founder of Pause Play Wellness

As we usher in the season of self-love and love for others, we invite you to join us in a special Galentine’s Day Restorative Reiki Energy Healing and Guided Meditation with Pause Play Wellness. The class will include an overview of the chakra energy system, the many benefits of energy healing, how to assess one’s own energetic well being through body scan and pendulum techniques, and how to utilize these tools in identifying blockages & restoring balance.

After our discussion, Rachel will lead the group through a 30-40 minute guided meditation and remote reiki energy healing facilitation that will be accompanied by a playlist of high vibe soulful classics. For this portion of the class, it is recommended to be in a sacred space in your home where you are able to lay down and can be undisturbed. Feel free to have blankets, pillows, crystals, sage, or anything else that makes you feel super comfy and at ease for this portion of the class. If possible, headphones are strongly recommended to enhance the sound quality of music and vocal prompts via Zoom, but not required.

Bio:Rachel Autumn is a Los Angeles-based Reiki Energy Healer, Yoga + Fitness Instructor, and Founder of Pause Play Wellness. Energy healing brings the mind, body, & spirit into balance with a holistic, non-invasive approach to unblocking unseen barriers. Her mission is to facilitate unique experiences where radical self-care through meditation, breathwork, movement, and energy healing creates space within one’s life for more peace, pause, and play!

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