Join Fyli for a meditation masterclass with Founder and CEO of Spirit Rising Collective, Rosa Castano.

Affirmation: “I enjoy the space between where I am and where I am going”…

How can we revel in the small moments and enjoy the process? We attempt to do this through choosing each and every day to be intentional in our lives through mindfulness practices’ and working to find balance. At the same time, knowing that we will not always get it right and there will be some seasons that will require more of our energy and attention. When those seasons come up that is when we show up for ourselves and try to release any self judgement and give ourselves a lot of grace. It’s called a PRACTICE for a reason.
What we will cover:
Mindfulness Practices
Mini Meditation
Creating Affirmations for life & business
Setting boundaries
Meet Rosa Castano:
Founder and CEO of Spirit Rising Collective//Rosa Castano

“Over the course of her career, Rosa Castano has worked in all types of settings from small businesses, freshly minted startups, and large, diverse non-profit corporations. She spent the last five years as a seasoned expert in the Tourism & Hospitality field, leading sales campaigns across the country for two of the largest tourist industries in the Nashville, TN market. Like many others in the space, Castano was forced to pivot to a new path after the COVID-19 global pandemic put a halt to her tourism career. The shift allowed Castano to take the time to re-evaluate her career aspirations, landing her with an industry she has long been passionate about: the wellness industry. Outside of work, she completed a 200HR Yoga Teacher & 200HR Meditation Teacher training. Her unique understanding of the stressors and joys of the work place and building businesses, makes her an ideal expert for leading wellness events and bringing Mindfulness into areas where often the hustle and burnout is worn like a badge of honor. It is her passion to help High Performing individuals learn how to show up for themselves and to create meaningful change in their life while pursuing happiness, well-being, and balance through Movement, Meditation, and Mindfulness.”

Connect with Rosa and Spirit Rising Collective on Instagram @Rosamcas & @spiritrisingcollective.