Join Fyli alongside top recruiter Jannine Abadi to learn the skills and tools to get your resume in top shape for new job opportunities, career pivots, or to create your next dream job. ​Jannine founded Jannine Abadi & Associates in 2013 after refining her skills with multiple search industry veteran’s in top agencies over the past few years.

Jannine’s many years of vast retail field experience within the fashion apparel and footwear operations space has allowed her to successfully translate her Leadership, Communication, and Recruitment skills into a formidable boutique search firm.

Jannine’s experience in understanding the intricacies of each role and the required skill sets needed to perform at the highest level, has proven to be a winning formula and has made countless successful placements.

Jannine’s method to her success comes down to one key factor. Its all about people. She enjoys communicating, networking, coaching and supporting every candidate she connects with. It is from this genuine skillset that she receives countless referrals and introductions to industry top professionals and makes successful long-term placements.