A very special keynote by Coach Keren Eldad, Executive Coach, Leadership Psychology Expert, Professional TEDx Speaker, and Host.

When it comes to negotiation & conflict management, women are confronted with a two-sided coin:

  • On one hand, we want to be unapologetic and stand our ground.
  • On the other hand, when we are inclined to do this, we fear that perception of us will be unfavorable .


During this session Coach Keren will cover:

  1. Differences between reality, perception and the sexes when it comes to conflict: why we fear conflict and “preemptive strike”
  2. How to stop playing “not to lose” and instead “playing to win: four ways women miss the mark when it comes to approaching a negotiation and how to correct the,
  3. The path to a new way of thinking about negotiations and conflict resolution forever
  4. Strategies to move towards a reality view rather than a fear- based view of the workplace, your career and your success


About Coach Keren:

Keren Eldad known as “Coach Keren,” is ICF accredited Executive Coach (PCC), Leadership {psychology Expert, professional/TEDx speaker and the host of the Coached Podcast. She serves as a strategic advisor and thought partner to executives and in particular to women in senior leadership and women business founders who are ready to rise. Keren’s mission is to help these op-performers reach their highest self and most inspiring goals with no compromise of their compassion, empathy and vulnerability, facilitating the shattering of glass ceilings in a way that is more aligned with our innate kindness and desire to serve and to connect with others.

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