Start the New Year with clarity and understanding of what your true core values are. It’s not uncommon for many of us to think we know what our core values are when in reality what we believe are our own core values are simply the values we think we are supposed to subscribe to. In this workshop, we will explore, uncover and rank your unique core values. Knowing and understanding your true core values drives the focus and energy for achieving genuinely fulfilling success.

Meet Amina Zamani:

Amina Zamani combines neurolinguistics and peak performance coaching to help people uncover, understand, and reconcile with impeding blocks and create permanent change. Over the past 16+ years, she has worked with business leaders, corporate teams, and individuals, as well as an elite medical professional to the stars. The core of her work is to help people realize untapped potential by zeroing in on and rebuilding core-limiting beliefs. Amina guides people on how to upgrade and reconstruct existing limiting neural pathways, as well as more critically, building more resilient new neural pathways, to reach the neurogenesis state necessary for peak performance, emotionally and cognitively. She has contributed to Thrive magazine and spoken at TEDx. Executives She has worked with include individuals from SXSW, Meta, LEGO, Twitter, LinkedIn, Daimler and more.

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