You care about your career and your purpose. You stick to your values and know your worth. But…does all that apply to your money, too?

This compelling, straightforward workshop is designed to help you understand money better by examining your attitudes toward money―earning it, spending it, and the good it can have―and will offer you simple keys to master knowing that every dollar you invest is a reflection of you, as a person.

It’s the feeling of watching your child grow up strong and happy, or the feeling of accomplishment after a completed project. It’s the peace of knowing, with every breath you take, exactly what you own in the world. Once you master this, you will not only transform your relationship to your money, but you will unleash a greater potential for your life.

Join Eva Yazhari for a Masterclass on what more your money can do to inspire you to know that your money has more potential than you ever thought possible.This masterclass will draw from Eva’s new book The Good Your Money Can Do. Eva will share her top tips for becoming a more conscious investor and cultivating a positive money mindset. She will show you how to detox your money – how you can replace feelings of scarcity, shame and exclusion around money with feelings and actions of inclusion, abundance, generosity and purpose.

Key Takeaways:

Understand why wealth consciousness matters for living your values.
Learn that investing is not a zero-sum game: why no investment is “neutral,” and what this means when it comes to detoxing your investments.
Find a high vibe tribe of women that can support you in your decisions to use your money as a force for good.

Eva Yazhari is an investor, entrepreneur, and CEO with sixteen years of experience working in the venture capital and asset management industries. She’s the CEO and General Partner of Beyond Capital, a pioneering impact investing fund dedicated to the belief that investing can inspire good and sustainably improve access to basic goods and services. She co-hosts The Beyond Capital Podcast, founded The Conscious Investor, a weekly magazine, and recently published her first book, The Good Your Money Can Do. IG: @consciousinvestor