Time Management & Productivity with Nicole Bandes – Wednesday 1/13 @ 6 PM EST
Nicole’s approach to productivity coaching is a bit unique. While she can help you learn the technical skills and recommend better tools, she believes real productivity starts with how you think about your time. This workshop will help you develop a better mindset, willpower and habits as well as discover new tools and systems. Learn how to overcome overwhelm, stop procrastinating, get laser focused, and have more time for what matters most.

Nicole Bandes is on a mission to help entrepreneurs build a successful business around their life instead of a life around their business. In 2013, Nicole lost one of her sons in a tragic accident. This experience taught her the real value of time and fueled her passion for helping others capture this elusive gift. Armed with almost 25 years of productivity training and a degree in Psychology, Nicole has crafted a unique approach to productivity that goes beyond just basic life hacks. Through her podcast, speaking engagements and her virtual services company, Virtual A Team, Nicole now empowers 1000’s of individuals each year to take back their time and use it for what matters most.

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