Are you ready to flow into alignment with 2021? As a passion driven business maven, who you are is at the center of your business – that’s why aligning all aspects of you, internal & external, mental, emotional & spiritual as well as your day to day physical self is critical for your growth (business & personal).

In this mini workshop, we will peel back some of the surface layers of our psyche to identify what is preventing you from flowering into the best version of yourself, and through the use of guided visualization/hypnosis to create solutions. Please bring your favorite tea/drink to relax with, a journal, writing utensils, and some snack if you wish.

Bio: Aki Hirata Baker is a multi-modality healing facilitator, teacher and speaker, whose work is based on the anti-racist spiritual liberation principle. Immigrant from Japan and currently based in Brooklyn NY, Aki has devoted her life to studies of mysticism, philosophy, healing modalities and liberation principles. She is a space holder, healing practitioner & teacher, community organizers, and mother to many.She is a founder of MINKA brooklyn, a collectively-run healing space that centers the work of undoing all forms of social oppression through healing and un-capitalistic approach to business.
She is a dreamer of a beautiful future we dare to dream for ourselves. Website + social links:
IG: @soulflowermedicine @minkabrooklyn