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June 15, 2021 - 2:30 am

Active Listening: IS PRIDE A PRIVILEGE?

By: Fyli

Join Fyli, Tuesday, June 15th 6:30-7:15 PM EST, for an important Cross Generational conversation featuring Nick Norcia, Jessi Waters, Max Kumangai, and Moderator, Sebastian Hendra.


Nick Norcia, Producer/Creative/Tik Tok Content Creator (gen z perspective)

Jessi Waters, Board President of wayOUT 

Max Kumangai, Broadway Actor and Owner of Humpday Dough

Sebastian Hendra, Founder of Historical Homos (millennial perspective)

Last summer, Fyli launched a monthly event series called Active Listening that Leads to Understanding to address social injustice, amplify diverse voices, and support under-served and marginalized communities. This event will be free and open to the public. Attendees can register here on Eventbrite which will also have an option for donations to be made to selected non-profits.


Nick Norcia :

Nick Norcia is an executive assistant in the Entertainment Industry. After graduating from The University of Georgia with a BBA in Finance, Nick moved to Los Angeles and landed his first job as a director’s assistant to Tate Taylor. Since then Nick has worked on various TV and Film productions across the States. In his free time Nick enjoys making comedic content for his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

Jessi Waters:

Jessi Waters is the Board President of wayOUT, a volunteer-based organization whose mission is to empower local organizations and entrepreneurs by advancing programs supporting LGBTQ+ youth in places where society tells them it’s not okay to be who they really are. Jessi is also the VP of Operations at Frame.io, a tech start-up that provides review and approval software for video creators. Originally a California native, Jessi currently lives in Boston with her wife.

Max Kumangai:

Max Kumangai is a Broadway veteran, and founder of Humpday Dough. As an actor, he is currently in the Grammy Award winning Broadway musical Jagged Little Pill. Max started making sourdough when he got word that the show was being postponed for a second time. Like most of his fellow artists, he was desperately yearning for a new outlet for inspiration and to source a different sense of belonging. Max found a way to both pivot his focus during the pandemic, while exploring new facets of his creative process. This journey has resulted in Humpday Doughs runaway success as a Black owned business with personal delivery throughout Manhattan. The company has since expanded to multiple homemade, organic product offerings. He lives in Harlem with his partner, Michael (and a small mountain of King Arthur flour).

Sebastian Hendra:

Sebastian Hendra is a writer, strategist and Sassy Gay Historian born and raised in NYC. By day, he works at Grey Consulting, the strategy and innovation arm of iconic advertising agency GREY. By night, on the weekends, and during every other waking moment, he works on Historical Homos, the Internet’s first and only “no-f*cks-given guide to LGBTQ+ history”. With degrees from the universities of Cambridge and Columbia, he is a self-described ‘over-educated queen’ with a passion for all things queer and all things historical. (And hysterical.) In 2018, Sebastian published Historical Homos: Vol One with his creative partner, co-founder and dysfunctionally close sister, Lucy. In 2021, Historical Homos will launch into the podcast multiverse, and let’s just say that’s only the beginning of the queer history empire, henny! (Merch. We’re also doing merch.)

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1. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or started your business already?

A. Aspiring Entrepreneur
B. Started Business

2. Are you committed to a year filled with growth and accountability and have the time to contribute peer to peer mentorship to other community members while growing together year after year?

A. YES I have the time and fully committed
B. NO I have limited time and would prefer to pop in and out as needed

3. Are you open to travel and gathering in person for strategy sessions and events, or would prefer to be remote and fully online?

A. Open to travel
B. Virtual

4. Do you have a detailed business plan and strategy in place to grow your company even if you did not start it yet?

A. Yes
B. No

5. Are you willing to learn new skills, get vulnerable, and focus on accountability even when things get hard along the way?

A. Hell YES!
B. Willing to Try