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December 18, 2020 - 5:30 pm

Active Listening That Leads to Understanding: 2020 a Year in Reflection

By: Fyli


Join the Fyli Community on Thursday, December 18th at 5:30pm EST as we host “Active Listening: 2020 A Year in Reflection” panel discussion with top conscious leaders who will share unique perspectives on awareness and REFLECTION.


Born in India and raised in Australia, Donna produced music with the native peoples of Australia and learned about their “dreamtime.” She went on to found Rasa Music, a woman-owned record company that released world music and produced the music of Deepak Chopra and other recordings for meditation. She travels the world as a Celebrity DJ and leads people to ecstatic, profound experiences as they celebrate the biggest moments in their lives. Donna has been teaching and guiding meditations with music for years. She combined her love of music with her passion for awakening consciousness. Named the “Rockstar Teacher of Meditation” by Well+Good, Donna presents her signature “Dip into Bliss” experience globally and as part of PTTOW, Worldz Summit and weekly for eight years at Phoenix House, America’s oldest Drug and Alcohol Recovery Institution. Donna has recently launched the 21-Night Sleep Challenge using her newest release, “Sleep Beditations: A Modern Sleep Solution”.

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#1 Andi Scull, Cultural Curator

Andi Scull is an Asian-American art director & producer specializing in innovative project branding, creative program development, taste-maker communications, and non-traditional event production for advertising, marketing, film, and events. She is the founder & Creative Producer/Brand manager of the HOPE Outdoor Gallery and founder of HOPE Events – the non-profit producing the HOPE (Helping Other People Everywhere) Campaign and the Austin-based HOPE Farmers Market. She is also a partner in Native Hostel and provides consulting and design work through her company, Scullpower Creative.






#2 Renata M. Black, CEO & Co-Founder of EBY

“I don’t want your money, I want you to teach me how to make it.” Was the statement from an Indian woman who forever changed Renata’s life to focus on the empowerment of women. In 2005 she studied microfinance under Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus and launched a microfinance program for over 800 impoverished women in India. Having experienced Indian culture for two years, Black developed a deep understanding of the respect sari-covered women held for something as intimate as their lingerie. Back in the States, she saw the need for a societal paradigm shift – to reposition lingerie as a tool of empowerment, rather than one of seduction. To raise awareness for microfinance, she hosted top luxury lingerie shows with designers like Agent Provocateur and Atsuko Kudo that reached over 4 billion media impressions.

For Renata to consistently provide loans to microfinance institutions throughout the world, so she and fellow Co-Founder Sofia Vergara created EBY, a social enterprise that drives profits with purpose. They understood that depending on charity was an unsustainable model, so they positioned EBY to provide 10% proceeds to empower women out of poverty and into business.

EBY is a VC backed start-up tech company. It has demonstrated solid performance with 100% YOY growth. Advisers to the company include Jesse Horowitz (CEO of Hubble), Duncan Niederauer (Former CEO of the NYSE) and Will Fruend (COO of Harry’s). Current investors include VC firm Azure Capital (Sleep Eight & Native Deodorant), Ken Goldman (Former CFO of Yahoo), Robert Dimuraldo, Chairman of Ulta and Tien Tzuo (CEO of Zuora).




#3 Cebo Campbell, Author & Creative Director

As a full-time creative (VP of Creative Services at Spherical), I spend most days writing in the nooks and crannies of my available time. I wake up at 5:30am just to get in a few hours putting words on paper. I write on the train. I write on planes. I write waiting in lines. I feel I have to write. The reason is simple: representation.

I often tell the story of Ferris Bueller; a kid who decides to skip school and, on charm alone, steals a car, impersonates a cop, drinks underage, tampers with computers, and at every step exposes his best friends to peril, only to go home and fall asleep with his mother to kiss him into sweet dreams. I asked myself if Ferris were Trayvon Martin, how might that story end? I know the answer. So do you. And this is why representation is so important. I aim to contribute more stories into the world that diversely feature regular (but beautiful) lives made extraordinary. Art, I believe, is the only way to accomplish this. All my creative work is inspired by and aims to add to all the great work in the world.




1. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or started your business already?

A. Aspiring Entrepreneur
B. Started Business

2. Are you committed to a year filled with growth and accountability and have the time to contribute peer to peer mentorship to other community members while growing together year after year?

A. YES I have the time and fully committed
B. NO I have limited time and would prefer to pop in and out as needed

3. Are you open to travel and gathering in person for strategy sessions and events, or would prefer to be remote and fully online?

A. Open to travel
B. Virtual

4. Do you have a detailed business plan and strategy in place to grow your company even if you did not start it yet?

A. Yes
B. No

5. Are you willing to learn new skills, get vulnerable, and focus on accountability even when things get hard along the way?

A. Hell YES!
B. Willing to Try