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Katia Zaitsev
April 27, 2022 - 6:00 pm

NFT Workshop with Katia Zaitsev | LEXIT

By: Fyli

What are NFTs? Why are they important? What value do they bring? Why should I pay attention?

If these are questions you keep asking yourself then please join, Katia Zaitsev, Co-Founder of LEXIT, the Next Generation NFT Platform on her NFT Workshop. NFTs are all what people are talking about & are here to stay. Katia’s mission as a founder in the space is to educate more women on the value NFTs can bring them personally & to their businesses. If you are new to NFTs or are familiar & want to learn more? Please join Kata on April 27th at 6 PM EST for her interactive NFT Workshop Session.

Meet Katia Zaitsev:

Katia is the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of the Next Generation NFT & DeFi Platform called LEXIT. Katia is spearheading the NFT platform adoption of LEXIT that provides a new source of revenue & innovative user/fan engagement experiences for creators, athletes, musicians, and businesses. 

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