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April 27, 2022 - 6:00 pm

NFT Workshop with Katia Zaitsev | LEXIT

By: Fyli

What are NFTs? Why are they important? What value do they bring? Why should I pay attention?

If these are questions you keep asking yourself then please join, Katia Zaitsev, Co-Founder of LEXIT, the Next Generation NFT Platform on her NFT Workshop. NFTs are all what people are talking about & are here to stay. Katia’s mission as a founder in the space is to educate more women on the value NFTs can bring them personally & to their businesses. If you are new to NFTs or are familiar & want to learn more? Please join Kata on April 27th at 6 PM EST for her interactive NFT Workshop Session.

Meet Katia Zaitsev:

Katia is the Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer of the Next Generation NFT & DeFi Platform called LEXIT. Katia is spearheading the NFT platform adoption of LEXIT that provides a new source of revenue & innovative user/fan engagement experiences for creators, athletes, musicians, and businesses. 

This event is for those who have a Fyli Tribe Subscription or Fyli Master-mind membership. In order to gain access to this event, you will need to subscribe to the FYLI TRIBE low-cost, no commitment monthly subscription ($49.99 per month HERE or Apply today to join our next cohort!


1. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or started your business already?

A. Aspiring Entrepreneur
B. Started Business

2. Are you committed to a year filled with growth and accountability and have the time to contribute peer to peer mentorship to other community members while growing together year after year?

A. YES I have the time and fully committed
B. NO I have limited time and would prefer to pop in and out as needed

3. Are you open to travel and gathering in person for strategy sessions and events, or would prefer to be remote and fully online?

A. Open to travel
B. Virtual

4. Do you have a detailed business plan and strategy in place to grow your company even if you did not start it yet?

A. Yes
B. No

5. Are you willing to learn new skills, get vulnerable, and focus on accountability even when things get hard along the way?

A. Hell YES!
B. Willing to Try